AeroVironment has been the world leader in High Power Test Equipment
supporting over 100 customers globally for 20 years.

Leadership & Reliability
Our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of up-time. They are available 24/7/365.
Our equipment provides unparalleled reliability and up-time – our original equipment is still in use and approaching 20 years of service.
AeroVironment’s product line provides a full range of equipment capable of testing devices from 5 to 900 Volts DC, up to +/- 4000 Amps and 1000 kW.
Each unit has two channels for flexibility in testing/simulating multiple devices with a single machine and an integrated user interface and display for local control and easy identification of operating state.
Our products use AeroVironment’s patented wide voltage range, bi-directional and regenerative technology to increase usability, energy efficiency and utility savings.
Our open source communication protocol allows remote control of the equipment by 3rd party systems allowing easy integration into any test set-up.
Our software provides customers the ability to program and run any profile desired, so you are not limited to a menu selection of profiles. Our products are also compatible with other third-party software applications.
Self-contained liquid cooling allows for a smaller physical footprint and improved thermal stability versus air-cool systems.
General Motors uses AeroVironment battery cyclers in our battery labs to help us both develop and ultimately validate battery pack systems. We have AeroVironment battery pack cyclers located in several of our locations; in Warren, Michigan, in Canada, Germany, China and South Korea. AeroVironment has been very responsive to General Motors needs, and they have been very supportive with some of the upgrades we’ve done where we’ve traded in older AV units, as well as supporting some of our future needs, whether it’s in China, Korea, or wherever we have electrified vehicle operations within GM. We’ve worked very closely with them, with the use of battery cyclers originally and now subsequently applying their battery cyclers to a number of our labs around the world. So we’ve had a very good interfacing experience with both the people and products from AeroVironment.
Ronn JaMieson
Director of Global BatTERY Systems
General Motors
We selected AeroVironment because of their wide range of products that fit very well into the kind of testing that we do here. Starting from testing of prototype packs in our development lab, through the use during our validation of production programs and again during our end of line process on all of our production systems. We run a lot of tests 7 days a week, 2 and 3 shifts. We require them to run during all that time and they are very reliable during operation. Working with AeroVironment feels more like a partnership than just a customer - supplier relationship. One thing about AeroVironment that has really helped us is that when we have a new application that requires pushing the limits of the AV equipment, you can call their tech service people and they are very familiar with the operation and in many instances has helped us to be able to run tests that initially we felt that we would need a different piece of equipment. It turned out that the AeroVironment equipment was able to fulfill that need. Their technical support is outstanding, their sales support is better than anyone that we’ve dealt with, and their local service support is essentially available to us 24/7.
tony gambrel
Director of test operations
a123 systems automotive solutions group
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